Come Visit Our Farm!

We love life on the farm and especially love sharing what the Lord has blessed us with! We enjoy giving educational, hands on tours to many in our community. Several local preschools and nursing homes have visited our farm. We also give private tours. We enjoy sharing our animals with local church groups and for other educational groups. Please contact us today to set up a tour!

Tour Highlights


Bottle Feeding Lambs/Goats/Calves (seasonal)

Depending on the time of the tour you could get in on feeding babies!

Milking Cows

Early morning tours or evening tours could watch us milk our 6 cows!

Milking Goats

Three times a day we milk our goats by hand. They are all very calm and very willing to let others learn how to milk on them! Come give it a try!

Poultry viewing

We have chickens, ducks, and miniature chickens!

Watch the Pigs

We usually have some new babies! They are so cute and lovable as little babies!

Horse Cart Rides

We have two miniature horses and a miniature donkey. The miniature horses are trained to pull a cart. The donkey is very old and has come to our farm to retire.