Sales Policy

Please read this sales policy before inquiring about purchasing a bunny.

These precious little animals are given to us by our Heavenly Creator to care for. We expect that you will take care of them, love them and treat them with respect. 

Please contact us if interested in owning one of our bunnies.

Email- fill out contact form on website

Call / text- Elsie @ 785-285-2970


$50 for male or female


-To hold or reserve a bunny you must pay a 50% non-refundable deposit in person as cash or via Paypal (if using Paypal there will be a $2 service fee). So the deposit will be $25 in cash or $27 via Paypal. 

- The balance is due in cash when you come to pick the bunny up. 


All Rabbits can be sold at any time after they are at least 2 weeks old 

If a rabbit is put on hold, it will no longer be for sale. Payment must be received before it is considered on hold.  

-If you back out of a sale after having a rabbit on hold, the payment will be forfeited. If Grimm Girls Farm ever cancels a sale for any reason the payment will be refunded. 

-If something happens to your bunny while it is on hold, we will refund your payment or you can apply it to another bunny of your choice as they become available. 


-If within two weeks of bringing your bunny home you discover that you have allergies to the bunny or hay, we will gladly take the bunny back and give you  a full refund. 


-Bunnies must be at least 7 weeks old before it can leave our farm. 

-Bunnies can be picked up at our farm in Morrill, KS. Please bring a cardboard box or clean sanitized pet carrier, filled with hay. Do not hold the bunny on the car trip home. Car rides often make bunnies nervous. 

To the best of our knowledge your bunny will be in good health and temperament at the time of your pick up. It is your responsibility to follow our recommended feeding and care instructions as well as seeking veterinary assistance if necessary. 

Please fully examine your bunny before leaving our farm. 

We do our best to accurately access gender, but you are responsible for approving the bunny before taking it home. 

If you plan to house two bunnies together they will need to be spayed/neutered when they reach 5-6 months old. A male and a female housed together will mate, two bunnies of the same gender will fight. Bunnies will be fine housed together if they are spayed or neutered. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sale of a bunny at any time for any reason. 

Please feel free to text or email us anytime to give us an update on your bunny or if you have any questions. We love to see pictures and to hear about our bunnies that we sell as they grow. 

Thank you!

Grimm Girls Farm

Contact Us

After reading our sales policy, please contact us to reserve your bunny.